About Us


Hello and welcome! I’m Adrienne, owner of Nashboro Chic. Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about us! 

I started my boutique because I have a love for fashion and finding unique pieces. I want women of any age to feel comfortable and relaxed while they take a look around. People can shop anywhere, but it takes more than that to make a shop worth going back to time and time again. It’s my mission to make Nashboro Chic that shop for our clients.

We offer many one-of-a-kind and custom pieces that no one else has. A few examples are our custom jean jackets that customers design themselves or our custom beaded bags. They are truly a statement piece and have become extremely popular!

Nashboro Chic is a multi-generational boutique that offers women’s clothing, accessories, and gifts. It’s a shop that makes women feel at home and a place where they can spend quality time with their mother, daughter, grandmother, aunts, and girlfriends all in one place. We offer private parties and one-on-one appointments. 

I get so much satisfaction working with our lovely clients every day. It is such a joy to get to know our regulars and talk to them when they come in. It’s such a wonderful feeling to make someone feel confident and good about themselves!  

Our goal is to put the “fun” back into functional fashion. We know that looking stylish can make your whole day better; that’s why we’re committed to being your source for the newest trends. 

Happy shopping, friends!